when Aretha Franklin song those magic lyrics, I can assure you, I never forgot the spelling of th word, ‘Respect’. This is the theme of today’s rant. I quit, a third time. I don’t know, may be the lick of the Irish? Three times quitting is a charm? But the reason this time was about respect. 

I broke it off with the man, whom I was working with; Unfortunately this means that as we continue to interact professionally I must endure his social interactions with the females in the field. What is it about Musicians that attract the nastiest out of them? I cant tell. As he flirts openly, I block of my heart and act indifferent, what am I to do, be the jealous ex?

As we continue our uncomfortable interactions, he became somewhat moody with me, very short tempered and impatient. Everything was either out of place or poorly done. He tops this off with a complement in front of his friends and colleagues; the usual ‘we appreciate everything you do for us’.

We part ways on a pleasant note, as he invites me to an event. I accept, I purchase my ticket and await the ‘all go call’… which never came! Curious, I went to inspect this shindig on my own. When I arrive, I called him for some information but his response on the call was ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you, we are not coming’…

I have remained calm up until now, having reminded this man severally to inform me if they are going, which he failed to do. When I brought this up casually with the other members of his group, they acted indifferent, quickly washing their hands of the matter which is now between US. Clearly this was a discussion and it did not end well. My ex, is very head strong. He can mentally muscle anyone into anything… BUT ME.

I refuse to be so disrespected and have no one, not one person represent me in any way. Not one word was exchanged in fair warning to tell him that he has meddled with a colleague. Not one warning and not one sympathetic apology for his behavior, seeing as I was but a person of no real significant importance to the group, and fearing my safety and self respect, i quit.

Enter the criticism.

When I brought up the matter, I was met with all kinds of criticisms from ‘You expect too much’ to ‘you are way to cocky for this’, one comment read ‘you are chauvinistic’. I decided I may have taken things too personally and acted at haste. But there were no words from the group to ask me back anyway. They seemed pretty happy to have me leave and have moved on successfully well without me (stings a little that).

But then, I went to the butcher and one of the staff was asked by the manager to assist me to which he refused and even threatened to beat her for disturbing him. They had an exchange and she stormed out. I had half a mind to storm out too when something interesting happened. As soon as the manager left, ALL the staff present and a new floor manager went in on the butcher, reprimanding him for his behaviour and putting him right. Made me wonder, was I REALLY out of line expecting some representation…? I don’t know, tell me