2015’s Ideas Expo participants were treated to speakers and experts from all over Africa who specialize in design. acting as a hub of sorts for great minds, the Ideas expo attracts many hopefuls and the established together to share information and grasp answers to their burning questions.

While the Ideas Expo serves as an information sharing event for people in the creative industries, the themed presentations offer an invaluable insight into what it takes to succeed in the business of generating and selling ideas.

One of the key outcomes is that sudden surge of enthusiasm and inspiration that cascades from the people attending. A highly infectious feeling of motivation that they give off while they review what has just been given to them. These discussions raised some common themes including: Working hard for what you believe in, believing in yourself, your brand, your product and your product’s worth; Being part and parcel of your brand, wearing it, sharing it, promoting it as only THEN can you truly sell it. It was not only an eye opener to the attendees to hear these wise words but to see them in action, in the clothes that the presenters were wearing or in the way that they carried themselves which showed, without a doubt that they truly practiced what they were preaching.

Outside of the presentations, other creatives show-cased their wears in an exhibition that proved fruitful for the young and networking types trying to set a foundation for their businesses. Creative outputs spanning the fashion, the furniture to the food industries were on show.

The Ideas Expo’s ‘week of creativity’ culminating in the expo is by far the most influential and exciting event held locally and should be diarized annually.

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