I am a bitch of sorts. Not the kind that has many men in her speed dial but the kind that doesn’t want to interact with select individuals at certain times of the day, month or year. Case and point, my mornings.

I love that I have this full vibrant highly opinionated family who live on my wavelength. We agree on most things but can still find a thing to argue about every so often, making our dinner table exchanges erudite conversations of note. I am usually the last person to know about anything. Despite my undevided devotion for the lot, there are some whom I cannot choose but are part of my life and I would rather not interact with them. These visitors that have not left my home yet make my daily interactions with the family a sour one.

What I hate most, is the morning drives to work…with this one person.

Imagine a bad day, you woke up with a heavy feeling in your heart, the sun is out, but you are certain that there is a dark cloud looming above your head, everything seems to be a blur but you can feel this piercing gaze burning the side of your face, you get this uncomfortable feeling at the back of your neck, you suddenly cringe awaiting something bad to happen… This is how I feel around this one person.

So to get away, I decided to leave the house at an ungodly hour of the morning. Wake up before the sun, shower in my sleep, dress, leave the make up, pack breakfast and dash out of the house for a blissful hour of solitude to AVOID this human being whom I do not have the heart to tell how uncomfortable they make me. This person has their own personal issues, I cannot contribute to that.

But what happened this Monday morning threw me. This person decides that they are so important that they must now jump into my morning ride and ruin my solitude. Woke up before me, showered after me, got dressed at the same time, packed their breakfast and then just opened my car door and got into the ride with me?

I don’t know how to proceed. I stand here defeated.