” Following the trend produced of the Sky Girls movement, here is a letter to my 11 year old self’

Dear Gugi

Its 3pm on Monday afternoon, you are 31. This year, you fell in love for the first time. Sadly, your lover loses you only 6 weeks in. You are devastated. A reminder will pop up in 11 days, your phone will let you know that you planned to leave the country with your new beau on that date, a plan you made early in the year when your love was still very new (albiet) it still was when you broke it off. A plan that would lead you 2 to 2 different parts of another country working tirelessly to make ends meet until you could finally be together. Romantic? Yes, but then again, that is exactly who you are.

You must understand, that to you, love like faith and everything else in your life is VERY important. You shape your views and beliefs on the matter on what you have grown to know to be your truth, but the world has its own truth and in that, you must find a way to either live your life the way you want to or bend with the world. This brings me to one important question: are you really one of the Jones’ or are you above them?

Take time to consider the next 10 years of your life, as they a crucial. You are battling disease right now, you may have a tumor in your brain, a small one but with significant effects, you have always had this. Only now, you have learned to read up and know what is wrong with you. You want to have children and you want to remain fit and healthy. You worry waaay too much about your parents and their well being and are only now, even without any of your own, understanding where they come from but you still have to manage your emotions.

You are not a bad person, you are truly good with great potential. You are however a very late bloomer and that is alright because you truly do grow at the right pace for you. Have confidence and patience. These are the only true qualities you can bank on to get you by. Nothing comes easy or cheap and legacies worth growing take time.

DO NOT fall under the pressures of society, you know your worth. Say ‘No’ when the time is appropriate but do not be afraid to try.

I see greatness in you and you will surely achieve a lot, do not let anyone’s judgement affect you. They are entitled to their own opinions. These are not in any way a reflection on you.

I do love you truly, because you are me and I am you and we are beautiful and nothing can affect or change that. Be you.