She was quite the dragon during her wedding preps. She spat fire at everyone and everything. She was lethal till the end and even after, she was quite the storm to deal with.

I learned from her that I was unruly, a creature an ogre, overly judgmental and cruel to people. Constantly nit picking at their flaws. In the end, I decided to acquiesce her every request just to get things over and done with as quickly as possible without arousing the demon that lived within her.

While all this was happening, a simple man lay in waiting. Yellow in eyes and skin, silent and thinking, a mystery. He seemed eager to please, paradoxically, always late but very observant to the rules and tirelessly trying to be perfect all to tame the beast.

The dragon prince and the wolf maid: Taken from Skephers.deviantart

Everything went sour on the wedding day; bugs littered the luminescent white dress, the priest was late and everyone angered the dragon; despite this, he noticed. He was suddenly taken by me. To him, I was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. I thought this was insane and while he approached me, I made it clear (or so I thought) that it was a misadventure to invest in me.

But I agreed in the end and… I have not regretted since.