Sonny- iRobot

If there is one thing that movies like ‘iRobot and series like ‘Humans’ can tell us it is that in the first world the only way to get a maid is if you were incredibly wealthy, that and that we all want to be slaver owners. Think about it. The search for artificial intelligence hidden in computer codes and downloaded onto technology in the form of humanoid robots is if nothing else a testament to that.

How else can you describe a helper that feeds your every need, without question, without emotion? One you can blame for every wrong that will sit there and not argue or defend itself but agree and apologize for its mistake. Be perfect, never tire and always, always be on call? A robot, shaped like man.

Over time, humans have always had control over other humans in one form or another. Every people has experience slavery either as the victims of the instigators of the practice. Slavery is so much a part of human that even today, we see examples of it in the sex trade and the private home sector. Reports of mistreated and poorly paid house helps come through from everywhere. This is a form of slavery.

Anita – Humans

If you still do not agree then ask yourself why you feel the need to justify paying the help monthly. That debate where you explain again that she lives with you and eats your food. And then there was that one time when you were dissatisfied with her work. You really want to call management and ask them to take back the service and not pay as if house help was a meal at a restaurant and the service was returnable. It’s is a form of self-esteem boosting to have some power over another. And to be honest a little too obvious by having the robots we so want to take over the maid’s job to be humanoid yet devoid of emotion.

You want the convenience of waking up at 6 in the morning to find the house being cleaned, food being cooked and all you have to do is a shout a name to have your never enervated, never over worked bedside assistance do your bidding without thought about themselves. Besides, you paid for it did you not? It is your property, you are a slaver.

We don’t want to see the robots get organized and seek freedom of speech, self-representation and become more human, nope, we want to see them understand our emotions and do our bidding relentlessly while observing our prevailing mood without complaint. We will then replace staff with ‘machine’ in the fields too, picking cotton for 24hrs and all they will need is a recharge, nope, make them solar powered and watch the economy turn on itself.

Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law are applied to humans allowing them to be classified as property, to be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and they cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement ~ Wiki