13c2304a107d8f0f196654a6008676ddIts been a tough 2 weeks. News upon news has tested my strength and sanity.

There has been revelations, truths, confessions, daunting realizations and explosions upon explosions of information cutting deep into my soul. There has been reflections and self revelations and that deep sensation that all is not well and yet there is more to come.

Waves upon waves, like the stormy seas of hurtful stuff has been hurdled at me and yet I am just a spectator, standing in the sidelines of an emotional war. Where the parties represent their individual nations as their walls come crumbling down, their kingdoms left defenseless against the elements yet their hurt is my hurt and their healing will be my healing and while I watch there is little that I can do to help.

As my words fall on deaf ears, the interpretation of which is subjected to an emotional filter, my advice feels like a tirade narrative of my own opinions that no one actually asked for.

I am tired.

Yet, in the eyes of the victims of these truths, my parents, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my brothers, I see the pain and I feel that very same pain.

In this new news, I must learn and now forge a whole new perspective on trust, faith and decision making, relationships and what they really mean, where the fine line between love and friendship fades, what the truth behind hope really is. And I am now forced to rebuild my mind and my understanding.

Its been a tough few weeks.