There is a load of hate going around. There is a sick load of comparisons and competition centered around hate with the center being who is hated most. Black people, white people or homosexuals?

We need to refocus our efforts. People are dying in Syria. Countries and nations have fallen at the hands of the elite looking to make a quick buck in bullets and ammunition. What is the cost of life? Where a buck is being made at the cost of an entire generation, nation and existence of mankind. What is going on in the world?

So a man shot 50 people and injured another 53, while another raped an unconscious  woman. In the meantime millions die off boats carrying hopeless refugees searching for cover from abusive governments. At the hands of the the same governments that offer aid.

As if a major purge is happening on man kind. Too many people on the planet? And whats worse is that the loss of manpower and skilled labour into refugee status pouring out like oil into the seas of ‘developed’ land instead of reinvesting into their own. And the only reason they cannot reinvest is because the leaders need slaves and not capable hands. They need destruction to feed their aid needs and not development, development is too slow to enrich their pockets. They have short time spans and big money dreams.

You simply cannot buy a Mercedes fast enough on the backs of pagans as they are dirt poor. There is a serious disparity.

50 people died last night at a gay bar in Orlando Florida. And the Gay guys cannot donate blood to save them. (drops mike)