50 years ago when Seretse Khama walked the 2km tarred road to independence post a small election he had no way of knowing that his son, then approximately 13 would walk the country into its 50th anniversary. 50 years of peace and tranquility under the rule of the BDP. A party whose take over policy has been under scrutiny since 2008.

No one questioned that Seretse Khama had ruled the country for almost 20 years, nor did they give Masire, Botswana’s second president for an equally long term, a second look. Nope, the questions started flying when Mogae stepped down months before the elections placing the leadership of the nation squarely on the recently retired former army Lieutenant General Ian Seretse Khama Ian Khama.

But who voted the BDP into power in 1966 when the nation’s capital was characterized by some 4 concrete buildings and a multitude of thatched huts? One could almost state that the whole thing was a farce, just as was the road to independence. The British rule was only too eager to let a protectorate that was at best a white elephant go, but in the name of democracy probably imposed all these unnecessary rules for Botswana to earn its stripes.

download50 years, no wars, no strife. The only African nation to actually educate 100% of its deserving citizens, empower its people with financial benefitiation and training for free in the name of citizen empowerment and development. 50 years of 3 consecutive presidents winning almost annually, presidential and democratic awards and the people have something to complain about?

What is so unfair about the leadership there? They put into power a man who has upheld his end of the bargain to the T. Yet they blame him for everything from the lack of rains to the poor economy, they have accused him of corruption and all sorts of malice. Its like they need to have some strife. They thirst for it, they want a little political instability and obvious corruption.

People of Botswana need to look at Africa. Every nation around them have suffered civil wars, trade bans, apartheid strife, hunger and massive corruption while Botswana floated on a steady stream of peace. There is nothing seriously wrong with the leadership. There are a few problems but they are manageable. The while system of Citizenship empowerment IS in itself a form of corruption. One that puts forward the unskilled local labour over the skilled foreign labour at a cost to the nation.

Quite frankly, when we look at what IS happening, the level of corruption in Botswana is happening at a lay-man’s level. Away from the leadership who has seen the damage and questioned its instigators and as a result found himself under much scrutiny. There is nothing seriously wrong with Botswana, there is however much to desire among its people. Lets see where THEY take the country.

Happy 50th Botswana