Life is a right mess right now. After what seemed like a harmless convo with my lil bro, I found myself in rent debt and out of a home. It seems that my time had run out. 2 days later, same bro was on my case about an immigration issue he had. I wired him a sizable portion of my small savings then hussled a quick bus ride home. Only to find and empty fridge.

I set to look for an alternative home and found myself in the middle of an uncomfortable conversation with an ex-best friend. (I seem to have many of those). If only she knew why we broke up. Heart broken, homeless and broke, I set to look for any Job I could get, a home and some food.The resulting pressure is real. I come from a line of highly strung people suffering from diabetes to cancer. With one foot in the grave and the other begging for life, I settled for dad’s mild Cayenne pepper tea.

Cayenne pepper tea

cayenne-pepper1Dad prescribes this earthy concoction to everyone he meets with all problems from sugar to hair loss and it works. Cayenne has some fundamental healing powers we take for granted.


1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1 tea bag

1 cup of water


add 1 teaspoon (not heaped) of cayenne to one cup of water and bring to boil. Remove from heat and add tea bag. Add milk and sugar (sweetener) to taste.