‘Its a free world’

1abcbe4e2b0691d683729ce62b3bd3daEver since Trump came into office the discussion on an all white america has been given a voice amplified by mainstream media. People are taken aback when the racist remarks from well known white supremacists come to light over having an all white america.

Funny how having one man take the stand floods the world with the open expression of racial degradation and segregation when in the past eight years the obvious racist problems were being aired on the daily. Sandra Bland to Trayvon Martin was a clear indication of the hate being in rife in America.

But I say, why not have the racist white people have their way? I mean, here is what we called the ‘Free world’. In  America, where living the dream means having your way. Where the LGBT community wont the rights to marry and the slaves won the right to freedom, in that America. This is the premise white supremacists will use to fight for their right to have an ALL white america. Truth be told, the movement of more than 300 million coloured, people out of America to make way for an ALL white one is just un-possible.

nativeamericanQuite frankly, I know of a native group that will argue that THEY are the original inhabitants of America and if anyone has any right to be the sole inhabitants of that nation, it is THAT group.

But then HOW can white supremacists get their way? well, America can assign all white neighborhoods within America where these people can reside in peace. Given the following conditions:

1. These people must understand that there are some industries that are wholey owned by people of colour, race, nationality and they must carefully sift through their list of suppliers and agree not to interact with brands of colour like: Indian food, Mexican food and the likes

2. They must forfeit their passports; if there is one thing that is for sure it is this; outside of their all white realm, there will be people of colour. To have a purely white existence they must not interact with other races, so why travel?

3.In the event that they MUST interact with another race, they must not in any way be, act or say anything racist, deemed to be racist or kinds of racist as they will be outside their ‘ALL white zone’ and acting against the common law. Doing so should be considered an act of terrorism and must attract a sever punishment.

4. All ‘white areas’ must be located in out-of-way and out of reach places that require some serious thought and consideration to access. You will need to really need to go there. Somewhere away from a freeway or regular road that does not offer or produce anything that the lay-man may ‘NEED’ to survive. I think its fair to avoid having to go where the people don’t want u.

It is my very uninformed opinion that most people would want to live AWAY from a racist group. It IS a free world too. And the freedom of expression IS a human right, but it is an expensive right. I do not want to experience the expression of hate by another human being because of my colour. If we are to tolerate every choice out there, then they too must guard their expression of the same. Responsibility is a two way street For me, this means within a segregated gated community where EVERYONE shares this opinion. Since it is a small group, then why not group them together away from everyone else?